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We are very fortunate at Katrinelund to have wonderful ingredients and local growers on our very doorstep. The land, forests and lake inspire us every day.

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Our cooking is simple. It is based on cooking as honest food as possible. It may certainly be creative, surprising and exciting. But above all it has to be delicious, exceptionally delicious!
It goes without saying that we use the season’s finest ingredients from small producers, ideally from the local area. We strongly believe that food tastes even better when we know who looked after the livestock, grew the vegetables and caught the fish in a sustainable way.
We like to enjoy ourselves – and we think the pleasure we get from our work is passed on to you, our guest. Food tastes best when the focus is on quality ingredients and we are happy – you have our word on that!

Welcome to a modern, passionate kitchen with roots in Swedish cuisine and inspiration from all around the world.

Wishing you all ‘good’ things!
Mark Monkman


Our front-of-house team works closely with the kitchen to create flavours that challenge and fulfil all expectations. We strive to identify exciting new combinations and to match food and drink in a playful, pleasurable way.

For us this means being able to offer fine flavour combinations to everyone. This includes sourcing excellent non-alcoholic drinks, providing for beer lovers and, of course, refreshing the tastebuds of wine lovers. Like the kitchen, the front-of-house team and bar staff like to work in a sustainable way and use local ingredients.

But most importantly of all, we hope that our passion for the drinks we offer and our dining room inspire you to trust us and that you get as much enjoyment and pleasure from your visit as we do!




Our work is all about dedication, joy and pride in what we do.

Everything is interlinked. We care about you, about each other and about where the food and drink come from. We are grateful for what nature gives us and we want to harness the power of genuine, honest ingredients.

Here at Katrinelund we want to create a setting that is relaxing, warm and generous, where you and your friends can enjoy yourselves and delight in heavenly food and drink.

A genuine warm welcome!



Zander long baked beetroot, mussels and smoked pork.

Lobster from the west coast, autumn/winter 2016.

Lobster & sweetcorn, Gästgiveriet inn October 2016.

Butter-baked lobster, Gästgiveriet inn October 2016.

Jerusalem artichoke, pike-perch from Lake Hjälmaren & leek, Gästgiveriet inn November 2016.

Cabbage, mushroom & truffle, Gästgiveriet inn November 2016.

Cabbage, mushroom & truffle, Gästgiveriet inn November 2016.

Lamb, pumpkin & cabbage, conference lunch, Gästgiveriet inn November 2016.

Apple, rosemary caramel & puff pastry, Gästgiveriet inn October 2016.

Erik, sous chef at Gästgiveriet inn. Anders, Head of Gastronomy. Robert, head chef at Sjökrogen bar and restaurant. Mark, head chef at Gästgiveriet inn.

Apple, rosemary caramel & puff pastry, Gästgiveriet inn October 2016.

Chocolate & sea buckthorn, Gästgiveriet inn November 2016.

Celeriac, venison & pear, Gästgiveri inn October 2016.

Cucumber & grilled mackerel, Gästgiveriet inn June 2016.

Pike-perch from Lake Hjälmaren with peas & Karintorp tomatoes, Sjökrogen bar and restaurant June 2016.

Strawberries, bird cherry flowers & milk from Ällmora dairy, Gästgiveriet inn June 2016.

Rhubarb & buckwheat taco, Gästgiveriet inn May 2016

Onions & beef from Göksholm, Gästgiveriet inn Feb – May 2016.

White asparagus & lamb from Jannelunds Gård, Gästgiveriet inn April 2016.

Wild garlic pesto, braised lamb shank & pieces of asparagus hidden beneath the lid.

Pike-perch from Lake Hjälmaren & asparagus from Pålsboda, Gästgiveriet inn May – June 2016.

Cabbage & pike-perch from Lake Hjälmaren, Gästgiveriet inn Jan – April 2016.

Ingrid-Marie apple & Scallop Saint-Jacques from Hitra, Gästgiveriet inn Jan – Mar 2016.

Jerusalem artichoke & goat’s milk yoghurt from Dalspira, Gästgiveriet inn Feb – May 2016.

Pike-perch burger, aioli, pickled kohlrabi, Sjökrogen bar and restaurant 2016.

New potatoes & elder from the backyard, Gästgiveriet inn June 2016.

Warm beets from Hjälmarsholm, labneh & raspberries, Sjökrogen bar and restaurant June 2016.

Carrot & Duck from Munka-Ljungby, Gästgiveriet inn Jan – Mar 2016.